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Don’t let a flat pack or DIY kitchen ruin your dream

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For many people, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. It is the hearth of the home, the place where family comes together during both the good and the bad times. However, normal “off the shelf” kitchen design doesn’t work for most people. However, there is another option – CAD or computer aided designs for the kitchen you have always wanted.

Almost everyone has encountered a cabinet that didn’t fit things, that was in a bad place, or that didn’t seem to be needed. This is because traditional kitchens work around the shape of the appliances, hoping to squeeze in storage space wherever they can. This often results in space that cannot be used, or space that could be put to better use in other places.

When looking at a CAD created kitchen, it doesn’t have these limitations. Everything can be created to order, which means that the only limit is your imagination. If you host big parties and need a special space for your mixer, a huge cabinet for all your plates, and an extra convection oven, all of this can be built into a CAD design. You simply tell the person designing your kitchen what you are looking for and they will make it appear.

Another problem that often comes along with ready made kitchens is that you can’t really start from scratch. Cabinets come in a standard configuration and once you choose even one piece of cabinetry, you are stuck with that look. You have to work everything around it and you don’t know how it will look until it has been installed. This means if you make a mistake in the showroom, if you misjudge the space, or if you pick something that doesn’t fit perfectly, your whole kitchen is going to look less than stellar.

With a CAD generated kitchen, you can literally see the kitchen come together piece by piece on the screen. You can see exactly where everything will fit, how it will look in relation to the rest of your house, and how it will look if you change each and every element. You can decide that you look every piece except for one, and then person helping you can then design a new piece for you, right in front of your eyes.

With traditional options, even trying to customize a build can be more work than anyone is really prepared to undertake. Picking out custom wood, custom counter tops, or custom appliances all has to be done in a showroom, hoping that measurements taken at home will match with what is shown. It isn’t until all of the pieces are already bought, delivered, and being put into place that you can see if it all looks right.

With a CAD kitchen, you can switch out granite for hardwood, stainless steel for white, and change paint colors with the push of a button. Any changes made can be undone with another push of a button, and previous builds can always be re-visited. The images are shown in the actual space that you will be using, making it nearly impossible to make mistakes. You never need to worry about being trapped into using a material that doesn’t work.

It is true that this option will end up running a bit more in the long run, even if it is cheaper to design it online, ordering everything completely custom will take time and money. However, it may end up being cheaper in the end, if you are a person who would renovate your home if it no longer fit your needs. If you are renovating your home with this kitchen install, it is safe to say that at some point you would want to do the same thing again.

A bespoke kitchen that has been perfectly planned will never need to be re-done. You will never need to worry that you might regret a decision. You can take weeks, even months to look over designs, making sure that they are perfect for the space that you are living in. At the end of the day, you will know that everything in your kitchen serves a purpose and is ready to serve your every need.

A bespoke kitchen will also never need to be adjusted. You won’t need to buy shelf risers, additional lazy Susans, install new ways to store pots and pans, or re-do the sink. You know that the first time you step into your kitchen to cook, it will feel like you have been in this kitchen your entire life.

One of the biggest benefits that many people enjoy when they install CAD kitchens, is that of their dishes fitting perfectly. You don’t need to pare down your dishes to fit in cabinets, instead the cabinets will be created to fit your dishes.

Even if you don’t plan to re-do your kitchen in the future, knowing that you will never be frustrated in your kitchen again is more than worth the money. You will never have to wonder if you could have done your kitchen in a better way, or if there were choices that you should have made and didn’t.

CAD created kitchens are also easier to integrate into your total home design. You don’t have to stop at just designing your kitchen in this amazing program, you can also design the rest of your home in the same manner. You will never have a home that fits together as well as a home that has been completely designed for scratch. Nothing will seem out of place, the entire home will flow, and it will feel like you have just stepped out a home design catalog, even after you have spent years in your home.

Taking the time to talk to Urban kitchens about a CAD or bespoke kitchen and seeing how it can better your life might be the best decision you ever make for your home.

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